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This is the Splash Page we ran on for over 500,000 gameplays during our 10 week run.

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  • Civilizations Wars 2: Prime

    In the strategy game Civilizations Wars 2: Prime your goal is to conquer the world. Destroy and take over enemy structures using your tactical skills making sure your troops are at the right spot at the right time. Play previous episodes here: Civilizations Wars Civilizations Wars: Ice Legends

  • Deep Sea Hunter 2

    In the underwater adventure game Deep Sea Hunter 2 your goal is to find the treasures hidden in the dark places of the ocean. Get in your submarine and explore the deep. Watch out for sea creatures that want to destroy you. Earn cash killing enemy fishes to upgrade your submarine. Look for the treasure chest and the keys to open it. Some people will give you information on where to dive!

  • Zombies Ate My Motherland

    In the action fighting game Zombies Ate My Motherland your duty is to collect parts to run your machine again while killing hordes of zombies that want to destroy you. Earn stars to upgarde your skills and buy new weapons. Try to survive the zombie apocalypse!

  • Sentry Knight

    In the strategy shooting game Sentry Knight your duty as a hero is to defend your tower against enemy attacks. Destroy wizards, orks, bats and other dark creatures using a crossbow and magic spells. Earn money and points to upgrade your weapons and skills. Defeat all enemy units each of the levels to save the kingdom.


To put a cell game on your verizon phone you:

 * make a game purchase through the "Get it Now" and
the BREW distribution network will install Flash Lite 2.1 ahead of the
content over the air.

To develop a game you must:
 * Next your client will need to be BREW authentic developer to be able
to transfer mod/mif to the device for offline testing.

Note that it is possible to get a more advanced cell phone (such as the nokia nseries to use as a development device, which would hold the flash lite games for QA and demonstration purposes.